SPAM the 2007 degree show of the University of Westminster's MA in Photographic Studies



carole evans

t: +44 7779 036 222


All the rest is silent...

Bandstands, once a symbol of British imperialism, now are a symbol only of British-ness. Once busy places of social gathering and entertainment, now they stand alone, vacant, neglected. Once full of music, chatter and excitement, now they are silent. Originally structures built to improve the comportment of the lower classes, now they are often scenes of truancy, crime and vandalism. In her photographs Carole Evans asks the viewer to notice these structures again, and reflect on times past and how they have changed. Not only a document of structures from a bygone era, these are also beautiful, fantastical photographs, which offer up an alternative reading: of the bandstand as a stage for the viewer’s fantasies, or gateway to a fantasy world behind.

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