SPAM the 2007 degree show of the University of Westminster's MA in Photographic Studies



jan stradtmann

t: +44 7772 679 138

Jamais Vu

The inspiration for this series of portraits began with the psychological phenomenon of jamais vu (French for "never seen"). Unlike the more widely known déjà vu, it describes a sense of feeling strange in familiar surroundings, as if experiencing them the first time. Irritated and alienated, these are the moments to ask yourself "What am I doing here?" and "Where or who am I?" Whereas someone experiencing jamais vu might feel as if he or she had stumbled into an unreal moment, the viewers of these portraits witness intensely personal moments but are unsure of the circumstance, the significance of the revelation or the appropriate reaction. These series of photographs attempt to create a situation that forces the viewer to experience the ambiguity, discomfort and anxiety of jamais vu.

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