SPAM the 2007 degree show of the University of Westminster's MA in Photographic Studies



maria stott

t: +44 7760 476 994

50 Years of World, Press and Photography

This project examines the relationships between photojournalism, contemporary society and art. By integrating 50 of the most significant photojournalistic images from the last 50 years, this single image raises questions about the significance of photojournalism and its interpretations. Decades of stereotypes and icons in the press have shaped a certain vision of the world. But have they brought the viewer closer to understanding it? Or have they created a hyperreal vision in which the “what” is privileged over the “who” and “why” that characterise print media? What happens to the “who” and “why” when press images are fetishised in galleries and museum? The work demands: Whose world? Whose press? Whose photography?

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