SPAM the 2007 degree show of the University of Westminster's MA in Photographic Studies



mayuko yoshida

t: +44 7930 904 758

While few things are more tedious than romanticizing about one’s past, few things are more personal than the documents of these inner journeys. The Unheard Voice is comprised of self-portraits and landscapes that reveal the rediscovery of forgotten stories, prompted by one image left in Yoshida's hands. This is a purposeless, tiring practice; a self-delusional, banal experience. Yet she has no choice but to comfort herself temporarily by imagining she knows who she was. She keeps questioning the silent photograph but hears nothing from the person she used to be, someone who is gone. The remembered reality loses its legitimacy, and fantasy creeps in. The story changes its shape continuously but remains disjointed from reason. This dialogue, like this photographic work, is neverending.

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